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Take a look at our media room, where you’ll find the latest press releases, Rite-Way Driving School information and relevant contacts. We’re always happy to hear from our community, so if you’d like to submit your comments or suggest an article, get in touch!

Driving School

Extra Driving Lessons

Many of our students take advantage of our extra driving lessons. The State of Indiana mandates just 6 hours of actual driving for Drivers Ed. We offer additional driving lessons to our students at a discounted rate of $50./hour

Driving Lesson

Road Test

If you qualify, you can take the driving test for your license at Rite-Way instead of the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. *** Must be 16 years and 90 days of age *** Achievement of 80% class grade required *** Achievement of 80% driving grade required. (Fee: $40.- CASH ONLY)


Expressway Lessons

Our instructors are very experienced in teaching on our local interstates. If you would like a driving lesson focused exclusively on expressways, we offer a very reasonable rate of $70./hour.

Man Driving in Car

Review For Road Test

If you'd like an extra edge on passing your Driving Test (Parallel Parking, Lane Changing, Proper Turns, Controlling Speed, Complete Stops, etc...) call us and schedule one of our excellent Road Test Preparation Lessons. $60. - 1 hour

Driving Lesson

Adult Lessons

(For persons 18 years or older) Rite-Way Driving School prides itself in offering the best adult driving instruction in the region. Our instructors are very patient. We understand the many different circumstances of adults who haven't yet received their drivers license. Our instructors will pick you up at either home, work, or school for your driving lessons. We teach all the driving skills required for you to pass the Drivers License Test.
Cost: $60. - 1 hour / $70. - 1 1/2 hour / $80. - 2 hour *
*( Any cancellation must be made 24-hours in advance or 50% fee will be assessed ).

Questions? Call us today (219) 923-2654

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